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15 Sober Rappers Who Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

It is a disease of secrecy, shame and guilt. It’s so important that we’re honest with ourselves and with our loved ones. We are not responsible for the disease, but we’re responsible for what we do about it. In July of 2019, Elton John shared a photo to social media of his Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety coin, announcing in the caption he’s been sober for the last 29 years.

sober rappers

Cannabis has been apart of Hip-Hop’s DNA since its inception. From advocating its use in song lyrics, to promoting the sale of it via personal brands, Mary Jane has been apart of Hip-Hop culture for as long as it’s existed. He may rap about blood and gore, but Tyler, the Creator says “no to drugs, I never spark it.” The Odd Future leader has a strict stance against drug use, despite being surrounded by it.

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When I talk about it, I get a spiritual reprieve. If I’m not reaching out to others, being of service, going to meetings, working the steps, I will eventually forget how bad it gets. I will end up thinking that a drug is the best solution to take me out of whatever momentary pain I’m in. There’s this false notion that musicians are at their best when they are using a ton of drugs — that’s how they channel the spirit.

sober rappers

Many rappers, like Juicy J or Lil Wayne, have made it clear in their music that they love getting fucked up. Despite the popularity of drugs in hip-hop culture, not every rapper partakes in popping mollys or getting fried. Some of these artists have never done drugs in their sober rappers life, while others choose to abstain from smoking or drinking because of near-death experiences they’ve had. Though some listeners may disagree, these artists have continually shown that they’re more than capable of making quality music without the enhancement of drugs.

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I had kind of lost the will to live at that point. Kendrick Lamar is one of the most critically acclaimed rappers of this generation, and he has also achieved sobriety in recent years. Kendrick has spoken about how he faced challenges when he first tried to get sober, but his hard work and dedication eventually paid off. He now credits his sobriety as a major contributor to his success. Music is definitely the rapper’s vice, initially saying Wolf would consist of “weird hippie music for people to get high to”.

  • Many artists partake in smoking marijuana for the euphoria, some artists believe it enhances their ability to write a song, record, even perform.
  • Weed, lean, pills, coke, booze, shrooms, you name it, dope’s not to hard to find.
  • I started rapping around the same time I started using drugs and alcohol.
  • Macklemore is the new creative director for CLEAN Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate, a beverage company with a mission to support people in recovery.
  • He now credits his sobriety as a major contributor to his success.
  • I have to be proactive about my recovery.

The Oscar winner works out regularly and eats healthfully. Slim Shady is legendary in the world of hip-hop and often has been very candid about his demons. After a near fatal overdose he began to piece his life together.

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