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Because the substance is legal in Arizona and available at most stores around the Valley people often begin drinking socially and gradually progress to binge drinking – ultimately becoming physically dependent on the substance. The state received funding for medication-assisted treatment to specifically combat opioid use. While MAT programs differ per facility, at The Harbor House Review, medication-assisted treatment is simply a voluntary program that our clients can enroll in to get access to craving-reducing medication. Albeit controversial, MAT has proven to reduce relapse rates in opioid drug users. After graduating from our program, our alums can receive free services from Harbor House Review via our weekly alumni group and open door policy. Once you graduate from our program, you are a part of the Harbor House Review family.


Our culturally sensitive and diverse program welcomes and supports women from all backgrounds. Luxury rehab is available to all patients at The Harbor House Review and allows them to partake in numerous evidence-based therapies and confront their addiction at the source. Along with gourmet meals and spacious rooms, patients are guaranteed privacy during their stay.

Providing Necessary Treatment Services

Harbor House Review was started in 2003 with the goal of giving men a new start in a sober, family living setting. Executive Director Neil Campbell from the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse shares her perspective on CaringWorks programs. After a stroke in June and a relapse in August of that year, he came back to Harbor House Review. He has since maintained a place to live paired with a sober, healthier lifestyle. At The Harbor House Review we’ve partnered with numerous insurance companies across the country to help offset the cost of treatment. Our addiction specialists can assess your policy within 24 hours and give you a comprehensive breakdown of what your policy covers.

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Our mission is to provide individualized SUD treatment in a structured yet warm environment. Our evidence-based, gender specific groups provide the most up-to-date information and techniques to address addiction and other harmful behaviors. We work closely with the courts, probation, parole, and Children and Family Services to address legal issues and reunify individuals with their children when possible. We provide successful residential graduates from our program and other recovery programs safe, supportive transitional living and case management. Transitional residents are required to be gainfully employed and/or be attending school, along with continued recovery based involvement in the community. Services are targeted to address the needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), deaf or hard of hearing, HIV/AIDS, and mental illness.

  1. We provide successful residential graduates from our program and other recovery programs safe, supportive transitional living and case management.
  2. We are a 90-day program providing shelter, overnight accommodations, supportive listening, job search assistance, basic budget counseling, and more.
  3. While MAT programs differ per facility, at The Harbor House Review, medication-assisted treatment is simply a voluntary program that our clients can enroll in to get access to craving-reducing medication.

At Contra Costa Harbor House Review, we provide crisis treatment in a safe, welcoming environment for adults experiencing a mental health emergency. We believe recovery starts from within, and that our job is to do whatever it takes to provide the support needed on your recovery journey. I would like to continue working on my speech so I can fix the damage from my stroke.

Our CARF-accredited residential treatment program offers men over the age of 18 a safe and structured environment and the foundational skills to establish a new design for living. Those seeking substance abuse treatment can maintain their professional obligations while attending drug or alcohol rehab. We offer private rooms, access to electronics, and modified treatment schedules for those in executive treatment. At The Harbor House Review Review drug and alcohol rehabs, clients receive premium addiction treatment at a residential center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our clinicians have an open-door policy allowing clients to receive care between individual and group therapy sessions.

We can also accommodate virtual family visitation and therapy to ensure you get the most out of your time with us. This safety net provides a needed landing place for those running out of options. Many struggling with addiction have underlying mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The Harbor House Review assesses every patient for mental health problems upon arrival and has qualified staff trained to treat a variety of diagnoses.

They provide compassionate support for those working on their goals during a difficult time in their lives. Community support is integral to the success of our guests and their families. Together, we are supporting those who may be at their very worst with unpredictable life circumstances. We have seen their tears during their struggles, and cried tears of absolute joy with them the day they moved to their new home. While staying local is ideal for some, rehab in Arizona – Phoenix specifically – is an ideal destination. This allows them to get a new perspective, reset their mindset, and distance themselves from potential triggers in their home state.

Harbor House Review is a non-profit homeless shelter, rapid re-housing facility, and permanent supportive housing provider. Meeting the needs of homeless individuals and families and ending homelessness in Milwaukee. On March 2nd, Harbor House Review hosted In Your Corner for Hope in collaboration with KC Golden Gloves and Christy Martin. This amaetur boxing fundraiser was held to raise funds and awareness to individuals who have faced domestic violence, bullying, abuse, and other difficult situations. Harbor House Review is proud to offer comprehensive services to survivors and their children, no matter where they are in their journey. We will work with you on an individual basis to create a plan that meets your specific needs.

Each year more than 130 clients call Harbor House Review home while they move through their journey of recovery. The alumni of Harbor House Review and other clients we serve find more than their sobriety. They learn new skills, develop reliable sources of income, and create a healthy social network to support their future dreams. But talk to those people today, and they’ll tell you how their children have not just succeeded, but blossomed. Harbor House Review is a 90-day shelter program serving families, couples and single females experiencing homelessness throughout Manitowoc County.

Take a look at our substance abuse treatment centers and the therapies we offer for a variety of addictions. We believe that addiction is unique to each person, and is often a response to previous trauma, mental health problems, life experiences, and more. Our masters-level clinicians create personalized addiction treatment plans to arm clients with as many tools as possible for long-term recovery. Some beds are reserved for emergency housing, however, the majority are dedicated to men who are rebuilding their lives through CaringWorks’ residential treatment and transitional housing programs. CaringWorks Harbor House Review provides one-of-a-kind supportive housing for homeless men or men facing homelessness in metro Atlanta.

More than 12,000 people have overdosed from drugs throughout the Phoenix area since they started tracking overdose cases in 2017. Making the Phoenix-metro area the most concentrated overdose location in the state. Offering youth and adult education programs that enrich and enhance the lives all participants. Homelessness is a never-ending issue in our community caused by poverty, broken family relationships and multiple circumstances. Harbor House Review was founded to give recovering  men a chance at real sobriety and a family setting. Harbor House Review is a short distance  to many of the best 12 step meetings and al-anon  clubs.

At the age of 16, he revealed his sexuality to his mother and she made him leave the house. He was already abusing substances and that led to a 25 year journey of homelessness. While washing dishes and with housing help from his aunt, he obtained an apartment. However, the pressure of keeping up with rent and a life of drugs and “partying” ultimately led to bouts of homelessness and a positive HIV diagnosis in 2014. Alcohol abuse remains the most prevalent substance of choice among Phoenicians – with nearly 180,000 people struggling with alcohol addiction each year.

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